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To participate in the Auctions on DanAuktion You must first register as User - and if You want to sell You furthermore have to register as Mini Seller, Seller, Super Seller or Verified User.

By registration,You accept the Terms and Conditions which is described below:

Terms and Conditions on DanAuktion.NET

1 DanAuktion.NET offers a Service to the users - An Auction-service, DanAuktion.NET have no responsibility and is not a part in any disagrements between Sellers and Byers on the Site.

2 Quality of the items - Everybody may buy and sell items on our Site , as long as they are registered Users (and Sellers if they want to sell). DanAuktion.NET do not garantie the quality or validity of the items. DanAuktion is not responsible for either the Sellers or the Buyers actions before, during or after the Auctions.

3 Responsibility - DanAuktion is not responsible for any errors or accidents which may happen on DanAuktion and You take the full responsibility to ensure that your Auctions are completed to Your satisfaction.

4 Fees - DanAuktion.NET may decide to charge a Fee for any Service, they wish if every registered User is informed either through Newsletters or News on DanAuktion.

5 Privacy Policy - DanAuktion only asks You to give information necessary to accomplish the auction transactions. DanAuktion do not ask for creditcard information unless You transfer money to Your Credit account and these information are sent through a Secure Server (SSL) either through PBS or PayPal.

Read more about our
Privacy Policy

7 Removal of User/Auctions.

It is prohibited to sell stolen, illegal or pornagrafic items on DanAuktion - if it occurs, we will close the auction without notification and we have the right to suspend the User without and prohited his/her access to the Site. Serious offences is reported to the Police.

DanAuktion has the right to remove Auctions, suspend Users withouth prior Notice, if we find that the behavior of the User is inconsistent with DanAuktions moral or the Auction does compli to these rules.

8 Købeloven.

Købeloven applies to every sale on Danauktion and this means that You as Buyer has a 14 days regretperiod on every item, You may have won on Danauktion regardsless of the Seller being a company or a private person.

On the other hand are You as Seller obliged to give a 14 days regretperiod on every sale, You have.

You may read more about it HERE.

9. Refunding.

We do not refund, unless it is an arrangement we have accepted, before the funding is made - and if we make a refund, will we charge You a fee according to our expenses and work effort.

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